Business Support

Business Planning

We can create a draft plan to get you going or take you right the way through to a full Business Plan with 5 year Profit & Loss to allow you to approach an investor or to ensure your business has a robust plan with clear objectives and targets.

Growth Planning & Management

The pitfalls of rapid growth and success are too numerous to list and are easily avoided with careful planning and awareness. Suffice it to say that with a clear strategy you can navigate cash flow and capacity issues and maximise the opportunity you have before you.

Team Recruitment & Development

Gathering and developing the right team, skilled to meet the business needs, is an essential part of planning your business success. We can offer one-to-one mentoring, team development or a series of initiatives to bring the team closer together, working for each other and all focussed on your common goals and objectives. This can also be used as a reward exercise or as a part of a recruitment process.

Cost Base Improvement

There are always opportunities to cut cost and save money; more importantly is where you cut the cost and how you save that money. Increasing profit without stifling growth and losing key business positives is vital to your continued success or to save a business struggling with increased costs. It’s about driving down and removing unnecessary cost NOT just slashing expenditure, it’s about saving today in a way that allows you to survive and fight for tomorrow.

Crisis & Project Management

All too often a crisis or major project can distract key personnel from the necessary day-to-day business interaction they need. The drain on resources a key project or crisis can have could lead to lost opportunties elsewhere within your business. We can help you work towards acheiving both; keeping the business focus and having a succesful outcome to a project or avoiding / minimising the impact of a crisis.

Support for MBOs, SBOs or Exit Strategies

Challenging times and major distractions can hit your business when you can least afford it. An MBO, SBO or Exit Plan is just such a critical risk at a time when you and your business must be 100% on top of the game. We have the resources to help you navigate this vital path.