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Welcome to the Sussex Business Partnership

The Sussex Business Partnership is the business support company owned and run by Tim Breden, one of the best known entrepreneurs in Sussex. He runs one of the wider and more diverse Business Networks of specialists and experts the area. Our aim is to support new and emerging small to medium sized businesses throughout the Sussex and the wider area.

He offers a highly flexible fee based approach to ensure you can get the talent and expertise you need to grow and support your business.

He can help several businesses at a time to meet and exceed their potential by using either the skills, knowledge and experience he has or by putting you in touch with known, proven and credible specialists from his extensive network.

Tim’s a popular and friendly chap who likes to talk business from his vast experience and avoids the term “consultant”. He is a local businessman not a consultant; he works day-to-day in several of his Sussex based businesses and not only understands what challenges businesses and business owners face but also has first-hand knowledge of the latest funds, grants and business solutions.

He is a “do-er” not a talker, he understands the need to find the right solution and find it quickly; he also has an innovative approach to cost reduction and adding value to your business. Tim also has broad and invaluable business planning, target setting and project management experience.

Most people wish to start this journey off with a one-to-one chat with him. Feel free to e-mail him, using the “Book Tim” button, to discuss your needs and to start a dialogue which is a completely open and a no obligation part of the process. Once we have discussed what you feel your needs are you can book a one-to-one session, which can be from 1 hour to all day, or we can discuss the other options such as a fully engaged process to help you launch your business, a longer term planned mentoring programme or a project to address a particular issue within your business.

Whilst Tim is widely acknowledged as a small business and start up specialist he can also work with much larger organisations, within teams, one-to-one, or in the role of recruiting and building management teams.

Tim also runs an “Alternative Business Mentoring Programme”.

This is a new and innovative way of Business Owners finding the time to relax and discuss their business needs, challenges, issues with teams or team members or one-to-one mentoring and to create a dialogue which is free and open to aid decision making and / or future planning.

These sessions can be conducted on the Golf Course, at the Races, walking up on the South Downs Way or at many venues which allow for business interaction whilst enjoying the great Sussex Outdoors (or indoors).

A typical session involving a round of Golf, lunch and a further two hour discussion is priced at £450 plus on day costs.

Alternative Team Building & Business Planning

Tim can offer some very alternative ways of developing your teams and bringing them closer together and then using this new found bond to generate some highly innovative and inclusive business plans.

Whether it’s kayaking in North Wales, cycling in Norfolk, walking in Scotland or anything similar your team will value the experience, naturally start to work for each other and then work with each other. They can take the positive experience of the trip to develop better working relationships back at base and use the enhanced interactions to better approach internal issues as they arise.

Public Speaking

Tim can also attend corporate events to discuss his journey so far, talk about his approach to business, team building, corporate social responsibility and entrepreneurship.

Similarly, he can attend events to promote key aspects of business such a cost reduction, objective setting, and business planning or business start-up.
He can also help you launch a new plan or present to your teams leaving you free to listen or contribute as you wish?

Wider Support

Tim also has expertise in planning and managing factory builds, identifying new sites, team building & development and brainstorming with individuals or teams to create a business issue resolution.

During these sessions we can also design a process to talk through your plans, create a new business plan, set targets & objectives or address an on-going business problem or work with your team to develop ideas.

Finally, Tim is a useful person to have in the middle of a Board Room or Family Business dispute; he can aid reconciliation and set in place measurement tools to free the business up from negative process / energy and to aid the business and business owners to drive the business forward.

If you are interested in talking to me please mail or contact me here

Best wishes,